Why would God be a jealous God when he created everything and he has the most power of all?


When we as humans are jealous of somebody, it means that we want something that they have, or something that they can do, that we cannot. Jealousy therefore is a bad thing for us, and a breaking of the tenth Commandment. As far as God is concerned, He is not jealous of us, why would He be? There is nothing that we have that God wants, or that we can do, that He cannot. No, He is jealous for us. That means that God created humanity in His image, loves us more than we can understand, wants only the best for us, and paid an awful price on the cross to obtain our salvation, and He is jealous for our welfare. He does not want the devil to own us, and drag us down into the depths of sin, but for us to have an abundant life in Him. He wants to have a special, close, personal relationship with each one of us, and to grow that relationship throughout eternity. That is the difference.

I trust that makes sense. God bless!