Is self baptism effective?


Baptism is your public declaration to church members, family and friends, that you have made a choice to accept Jesus as your Saviour, and that you are committing your life to Him completely. Symbolically, you are showing them, that you are dying to self and to sin (by going down into the water), and that God raises you from the dead to a new, exciting life with Him (coming back out of the water). You will do none of these things as a witness to anyone, if you baptize yourself. This would be just between you and God, but no-one can bear witness to the fact. I don’t know why you want to do it this way, but I would suggest that you join a church, and ask them to do it the public way, so it can be a witness to friends, family and strangers. God depends on your witness to others.

God bless!

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