You know how if we don’t repent our sins before the second coming Jesus would not let us in heaven. What if you are in a close relation ship with him? And it is still so hard for me to repent from this one sin.


If you are truly in a close personal relationship with God, having given your whole life to Him, He will make you hate sin, and that one sin that you keep on clinging to, will fade into something unattractive. You will not want to sin anymore, because you know that you hurt Him every time that you do, and so you will ask for His help to break the hold that the sin has over you. But remember, every sin starts in your mind, so the moment a thought about that sin comes into your mind, immediately ask God (silently!) to take the thought captive to Himself, so that the thought disappears. Then, think about something else, or say a prayer of thanks to God, or sing a song in your head, or anything to stop you coming back to that thought. Remember, the devil is an expert at putting thoughts into your mind, so cunningly that you think it is your own thought, so give it to God every time, and before you know it, the sin’s hold over your life will be broken. 

2 Corinthians 10:5   casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

I had one specific sin that I clung to for most of my life. I thought that it wasn’t hurting anybody, so why should I give it up? But then I realized that even though nobody knew about it, and it wasn’t really hurting anyone, God did know about it, and it was hurting my relationship with Him. So I started doing what I described above, and the sin lost its grip on me. But of course, the devil is always trying to tempt us to sin, and if we are not careful, he will cause us to fall into sin. Then just run to God, ask Him for forgiveness, take His hand, and keep on walking with Him.

Try it, it works! But don’t try halfheartedly, God knows your heart, and knows when you are serious. And one sin, even if it is a small one, will keep you out of heaven, if you hang on to it. God bless!